William Louis Boletta

Mini Autobiography

Growing up in the southern part of the United States had a profound effect on me. While the South has its endless charms, it felt confining, and my wanderlust took me to New York, Washington, San Francisco, Europe, and finally Japan.
Elvis Presley and I grew up in the same part of Memphis, and we both left it early, though to achieve different goals. Elvis sang rock while I played trombone in my high school band. While Elvis was recording at Sun Records and preparing for his future fame, I was studying classical music languages in college. The greatest experience of my teens was going away to college. Not as glamorous as Elvis's path, to be sure, but a welcome opportunity to explore the world of learning, meet new people, and learn about the world.
Music became my avocation as I eventually began to teach languages, and later became involved in publishing and library work. After living in San Francisco for many years, I came to Japan in 1985 to teach English for a year. Over ten years later I am still here and like it. Since I now have a permanent job at a major Japanese university, it looks as if I will enter the 21st century in Japan.
As you will see if you visit my "Publications" section here, my recent and current interests include language, literature, multiculturalism, computers, multimedia, and the truly revolutionary changes that computers and the Internet are bringing to all facets of life in the late twentieth century. I believe that computers can make us more creative than we might ordinarily be. Recently,I have been teaching a seminar on the Internet, and this year, for the first time, I am teaching that course and an English Composition course using mostly online materials. The main project in both courses is for groups to design and publish a home page or small web site. If you are interested, please check out the Courses section.
The future is very exciting, and I believe that the Internet IS the future. Thanks for taking the time to visit my home page.