トップページ一次史料 Historical Sources for African American Research

アフリカ系アメリカ人・アメリカ史関係 マイクロ史料など




・Pennsylvania State Abolitionist Society Papers, 1775-1916 (5 reels) フィラデルフィアにいち早く設立された奴隷解放組織の記録。研究室

・Benjamin Tappan Papers (11 reels) ニューヨークを拠点とする奴隷解放運動にも関与したBenjamin Tappanに関する文書。研究室

・Indian Affairs: Letters from Secretary of War(17 reels) チェロキーインディアンに関する文書(1800−1836年)。研究室

・Straight University (1870-1934) & New Orleans University (1873-1935) (3 reels) ニューオーリンズに南北戦争後設立され、多くの活動家となる人々を輩出した大学のカタログ。研究室

・The National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, 1908-1951 (2 reels) 20世紀初頭に登場する黒人女性による正看護師組織の記録。研究室

・Eusebia Cosme Papers, 1927-1973 (2 reels) キューバに生まれ、1930年代から舞台俳優として活躍し、ニューヨークでラジオ番組に取り組んだ人物の文書。図書館

・Allan Morrison Papers, 1940-1968 (3 reels)  第二次世界大戦のころから軍の機関誌に記事を書いたジャーナリストの文書。図書館

・Fredi Washington Papers, 1925-1979 (2 reels) 黒人俳優組織の創立者の一人であり、コラムニストとしても活動たフレディ・ワシントンの文書。図書館

・Papers of the NAACP: Youth File, 1919-1965 (77 reels) 1909年に組織された全国黒人向上協会の青年部に関わる膨大な記録。図書館

・William Pickens Papers (29 reels) New Negroという書名の本をいち早く著わし、NAACPの活動に長年関わった指導者の一人でもあったが、第二次大戦下ではローズヴェルト政権にも関わるピッケンズの文書。図書館

・Negro Labor Committee Record Group, 1925-1969 (17 reels) 黒人労働者の組織(NLC)の記録。研究室

・FBI File on Malcolm X (10 reels) マルコム・Xに関するFBI調査記録(1953〜1965年)。研究室

・The Civil Rights Movement and the Federal Government: Records of the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, 1958-1973 (12 reels) 公民権運動と連邦政府(司法省公民権局の記録)。研究室

・Papers of the Revolutionary Action Movement, 1962-1996 (17 reels) 、公民権を求める「過激な」見解や活動の文書やパンフレットを含む。 図書館

・Papers of Robert F. Williams (26 reels) ノースキャロライナ州出身の活動家Robert F. Williamsに関する史料。 図書館

・The Records of the National Urban League: Series 14, Scrapbooks (18 reels) 1910年に組織された黒人福祉向上を目的とした組織の文書(切り抜き記事などを集めたもの)。図書館

・Universal Negro Improvement Association Records, 1921-1986 (12 reels) マーカス・ガーヴィーの創設した組織(UNIA)の記録。研究室

・Universal Negro Improvement Association: Records of the Central Division, New York, 1918-1959 (6 reels) マーカス・ガーヴィーの創設した組織(UNIA)のニューヨーク本部の記録。研究室

・The Scopes Case (1925) (1 reel) スコープス裁判の記録。研究室

・Federal Writer’s Program, New York City: Negroes of New York (5 reels) ニューディール政策の失業対策の一つ、ニューヨークにおける黒人著作者たちの活動記録。研究室

・Archives of the Work Projects Administration and Predecessors, 1933-1943: State Final Reports (13 reels) ニューディール政策の一環として立ち上げられたWPAの州別報告書。研究室

・FBI File on W. E. B. DuBois (1 reel) W・E・B・デュボイスに関するFBI調査記録。研究室

・FBI File on National Negro Congress (2 reels) 全国黒人会議に関するFBI調査記録。研究室

・FBI File on SNCC (2 reels)学生非暴力調整委員会に関するFBI調査記録。研究室

・FBI Files on Black Extremist Organizations, Part 1: COINTELPRO Files on Black Hate Groups and Investigation of the Deacons for Defense and Justice (8 reels) 公民権獲得のために闘う人びとを武力で護衛することを主張して、ルイジアナ州で組織されたDecons for Defense and Justiceを調査したFBIの記録。研究室

・FBI File: Mississippi Burning: The Investigation of the Murders of Michael Henry Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Earl Chaney, June 21, 1964 (1 reel) 3人の公民権活動家(アンドルー・グッドマン、マイケル・シュワーナー、ジェイムズ・チェイニー)の失踪事件に関するFBI調査記録。研究室


The Afro American Sentinel. 22 February 1896 through 25 March 1899 (1 reel)

・The Cleveland Gazette. 25 August 1883 through 20 May 1945 (20 reels)

・The New Orleans Tribune. 21 July 1864 through 28 February 1869 (4 reels) 研究室

・The Louisianian. 18 December 1870 through 17 June 1882 (3 reels) 研究室

African: A Journal of African Affairs. Universal Ethiopian Students’ Association. Vols. 1-6/No.5. New York, 1937-1948. (1 reel)

African Observer: A Monthly Journal…Illustrative of the General Character, and Moral and Political Effects of Negro Slavery. Nos. 1-12. Philadelphia, 1827-1828. (4 fiches)

Alexander’s Magazine. Vols. 1-7. Boston, 1905-1909. (29 fiches)

American Anti-Slavery Reporter. American Anti-Slavery Society. Nos. 1-8. New York, 1854-1855. (2 fiches)

・American Anti-Slavery Society. Annual Report. Nos. 1-28 (Nos. 8-21 never published). New York, 1834-1860. (1 reel)

・American Colonization Society. Annual Report. 1st-91st/93rd. Washington, D.C., 1818-1908/1910. (3 reels)

Anti-Slavery Examiner: American Anti-Slavery Society. Nos. 1-14. New York, 1836-1845. (17fiches)

Anti-Slavery Record. American Anti-Slavery Society. Vols. 1-3. New York, 1835-1837. (6 fiches)

Brown American. National Association of Negroes in American Industries. Vol. 1-5/No. 8, continued as years 1941-1945. Philadelphia, 1936-1945. (12 fiches)

・シカゴの日系新聞 Chicago Shimpo. 1946-1960, 1962-1966 (10 reels) 研究室

Colored American Magazine. Vol. 1-17/No. 5. Boston, New York, 1900-1909. (89 fiches)

Color Line: A Monthly Round-Up of the Facts of Negro American Progress and of the Growth of American Democracy. Vols. 1-2/No. 6. Mt. Vernon, N.Y., 1946-1947. (1 fiche)

Competitor. Vols. 1-3/No. 4. Pittsburgh, 1920-1921. (11 fiches)

Crisis: A Record of the Darker Races. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Vols. 1-47, (1910-1940)(173 fiches); Vols. 48-102 (1941-1995) (25 reels). New York

Douglass’ Monthly. Vols. 1-5. Rochester, N.Y., 1858-1863. (9 fiches)

Ebony. Vols. 1-66 (1945-2011)

Education: A Journal of Reputation. Negro Needs Society. Vols. 1-2/No. 4. New York, 1935-1936. (2 fiches)

Fire!! Devoted Younger Negro Artists. Vol. 1/No. 1. New York, 1926. (1 fiche)

Freedman. American Tract Society. Vols. 1-6/No. 3. Boston, 1864-1869. (1 reel)

Freedman’s Advocate. National Freedman’s Relief Association. Vols. 1-2/No. 1. New York, 1864-1865. (1 reel)

Freedman’s Journal. American Tract Society. Vols. 1-2. Boston, 1865-1866. (1 reel)

Freedom Ways. Vols. 1-8. New York, 1961-1968. (研究室)

Half-Century Magazine. Vols. 1-18/No. 1. Chicago, 1916-1925. (1 reel)

Harlem Quarterly. Nos. 1-4. New York, 1949-1950. (2 fiches)

・Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society. Annual Report and Proceedings. Vols. 1-24. Boston, 1833-1856. (1 reel)

Messenger: World’s Greatest Negro Monthly. Vols. 1-10/No. 5. New York, 1917-1928. (33 fiches)

National Anti-Slavery Standard. Vols. 1-30. New York, 1840-1870. (6 reels)

National Era. Vols. 1-24. Washington, D.C., 1847-1860. (4 reels)

National Freedman. National Freedman’s Relief Association. Vols. 1-2/No. 9. New York, 1865-1866. (1 reel)

National Negro Health News. U.S. Public Health Service. Vols. 1-18/No. 2. Washington, D. C., 1933-1950. (26 fiches)

National Negro Voice. Nos. 1-11. Kingston, Jamaica, 1941. (1 fiche)

National Principia. Vols. 1-5/No. 27 (i.e., nos. 1-235). New York, 1858-1866. (2 reels)

Negro Farmer and Messenger. Vols. 1-5/No. 1. Tuskegee, Ala., 1914-1918. (1 reel)

Negro Music Journal: A Monthly, Devoted to the Educational Interest of the Negro in Music. Vols. 1-2 (i.e., nos. 1-15). Washington, D.C., 1902-1903. (5 fiches)

Negro Quarterly: A Review of Negro Life and Culture. Nos. 1-4. New York, 1942-1953. (5 fiches)

Negro Story: A Magazine for All Americans. Vols. 1-2/No. 3. Chicago, 1944-1946. (8 fiches)

New Challenge. Vols. 1-2/No. 2. Boston, 1934-1937. (4 fiches)

The Non-Slaveholder. Series 1: Vols. 1-5. 1846-1850; Series 2: Vols. 1-2. 1853-1854. Philadelphia, 1846-1854. (20 fiches)

・Ohio, Anti-Slavery Society. Report of Anniversary. Vols. 1-4. Cincinnati, 1836-1840. (1 reel)

・Phelps-Stokes Fellowship Fund. Georgia. The University of Georgia, Philps-Stokes Fellowship Studies. Nos. 1-14. Athens, Ga., 1913-1918. (1 reel)

・Phelps-Stokes Fellowship Fund. Virginia. The University of Virginia, Philps-Stokes Fellowship Studies. Nos. 1-20. Charlottesville, Va., 1915-1950. (2 reels)

Quarterly Review of Higher Education among Negroes. Vols. 1-28. Charlotte, N.C., 1933-1960. (78 fiches)

Race: Devoted to Social, Political and Economic Equality. Nos. 1-2. New York, 1935-1936. (2 fiches)

Race Relations: A Monthly Summary of Events and Trends. Vols. 1-5. Nashville, Tenn., 1943-1948. (23 fiches)

Radical Abolitionist. Vols. 1-4/ No. 5. New York, 1855-1858. (4 fiches)

Service. Vols. 1-18/ No. 12. Tuskegee, Ala., 1936-1954. (8 reels)

Slavery in America: With Notices of the Present State of Slavery and the Slave Trade throughtout the World. Nos. 1-14. London, 1836-1837. (4 fiches)

Southern Frontier. Commission on Interracial Cooperation. Vols. 1-6. Atlanta, 1940-1945. (4 fiches)

Tuskegee Messenger. Vols. 1-12/No. 12. Tuskegee, Ala., 1924-1936. (2 reels)

Voice of the Negro. Vols. 1-4/No. 10. Atlanta, Chicago, 1904-1907. (32 fiches)


American Department Store and Mail Order Catalogues, 1870-1940, Part 2: Mail Order Catalogues, 1915-1930. 5 vols. Published by Athena Press, 2011. Reprint of Montgomery Ward 1925 (2 vols.) and Sears Roebuck 1920 (3 vols.). (研究室)

・第一次世界大戦期の史料として以下の6点が所収された4冊 (研究室)
--Addie W. Hunton and Kathryn M. Johnson, Two Colored Women with the American Expeditionary Forces (1920)
--Monroe Mason and Arthur Furr, The American Negro Soldier with the Red Hnd of France (1921)
--Charles H. Williams, Sidelights on Negro Solders (1923)
--Warner A. Ross, My Colored Battalion (1920)
--Chester D. Heywood, Negro Combat Troops in the World War: The Story of the 371st Infantry (1928)
--Arthur W. Little, From Harlem to the Rhine: The Story of New York's Colored Volunteers (1936)

Documentary History of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency< vols. 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 15(図書館)

Documentary History of the Truman Presidency , vols. 5, 18, 19, 20, and 31(図書館)

Documentary History of the John F. Kennedy Presidency , vol. 3(図書館)

The Congresses of the National Council of Women, Part I, Washington, 1888 and Chicago, 1893. 3 vols. Athena Press, 2004. Reprint of the International Council of Women, Washington, D.C., 1888, compiled by National Woman Suffrage Association, published by Rufus H. Darby, Washington, D.C., 1888, and The World Congress of Representative Women (2 vols), edited by May Wright Sewall, published by Rand, McNally & Company, Chicago, 1893. (研究室)

The Congress of the International Council of Women, Part II, London, 1899 . 5 vols. Athena Press, 2004. Reprint of The International Congress of Women of 1899, edited by the Countess of Aberdeen, 5 vols. (研究室)

Harper's Weekly: A Journal of Civilization. Vols. 1-19, 21, 24-32+ (1857-)但し1876, 1878. 1879を除く復刻版。(図書館)

Judicial Cases Concerning American Slavery and the Negro . 5 vols. Edited by Helen Tunnicliff Catterall. Buffalo: William S. Hein & Co., 1998. Reprint of 1926 edition, published by the Carnegie Institute of Washington, Washington, D.C.(研究室)

St. Nicholas: Scribner's Illustrated Magazine for Girls and Boys. Reprint ed. Vols. 1-19+ (1873-1892+ ) (図書館)

The Woman Citizen's Library, 6 vols.(20世紀初頭の女性活動家たちが共同執筆したシリーズ)(研究室)


Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History: The Black Experience in the Americas. 2nd ed. Edited by Colin A. Palmer アフリカ系アメリカ人の文化と歴史の百科事典−南北アメリカにける黒人の経験(全6巻)(研究室)

・Dictionary of American History, 3rd ed. アメリカ史事典(全10巻)(研究室)

American National Biography (Oxford University Press) 全米人名辞典(全24巻)(古文書実習室および図書館)

Historical Stataistics of the United States(Millennial Ed.)アメリカ合衆国歴史統計資料(全5巻)(古文書実習室)

The African American National Biography (Henry Louis Gates, Jr. et al, eds.)アフリカ系アメリカ人人名辞典(全8巻)(研究室)

Negroes in the United States 1920-32. Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office, 1935.(研究室)

Negro Population 1790-1915. Washington: Government Pringing Office, 1918.(研究室)

Bulletin 8: Negroes in the United States. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1904.(研究室)

Bulletin 129: Negroes in the United States. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1915. (研究室)

学術雑誌など (専修大学図書館所蔵の例):






American Economic Review

American Heritage (1949-)

American Historical Review

American Journal of Economics and Sociology

American Journal of Sociology (1895-)

American Quarterly (1949-)

American Sociological Review

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1890-)

Current History (1941-)

Journal of African American History(2008-)

Journal of American Ethnic History(2008-)

Journal of American Studies

Journal of American History (1964-)

Jounral of Contemporary History (1966-)

Journal of Higher Education (1987-)

Journal of Southern History (1935-)

Journal of Urban History

Labor History (1968-)

Monthly Labor Review (1925-)

Nation (1958-)

Negro History Bulletin (1958-1999)

Newsweek (1975-)

Pacific Historical Review (1932-)

Past and Present (1952-)

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1971-)

Social Forces (1925-)

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

Time (1975-)

Urban Affairs Review (1992-)

William and Mary Quarterly (1944-)

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