City of Utrecht

Second International Workshop of ISA RC45 on
Social Inequality

September 1, 2017 (9:00am to 5:30pm)
Utrecht, The Netherlands (Sweelinck Room, Drift 21, Utrecht)

Conference venue


All participants must register and pay in advance.


Registration fees (including lunch and coffee)

(*) If you are already an ISA member, you can join RC45 for only USD 20 (or USD 10 for students and those in category B and C countries) for 4 years.


Aim of the workshop

This one-day workshop discusses future directions of social inequality research. It especially welcomes young scholars’ work in progress (graduate students and post-docs). This can be a good chance to present your ongoing work and exchange ideas with globally acclaimed researchers in a beautiful historic city.

Keynote speakers

Guillermina Jasso (New York University, board member of RC45),
Toru Kikkawa (Osaka University, PI of SSP Project)



Invited advisers

Antonio M. Chiesi (University of Milan, president of RC45),
Gianluca Manzo (University of Paris, editor of Analytical Sociology)




International Sociological Association Research Committee 45 on Rational Choice,
Stratification and Social Psychology Project (SSP Project)


Jun Kobayashi (Seikei University),
Masayuki Kanai (Senshu University),
Carola Hommerich (Hokkaido University),
Vincent Buskens (Utrecht University, local organizer)