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AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) Calculation software by CGI

This software (web system) calculates the weights and CI values of AHP models from Pairwise Comparison Matrixes using CGI systems.

  1. Input: Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix
  2. Input: Pairwise Comparison Matrix (The values of Pairwise Comparison)
  3. Display: Weights (Eigen Vector) and CI (Eigen Value)
  4. Output: Text File. You can use the output by spredsheets using cut-and-paste.
Usage of This CGI system

Please input the size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix ( the number of evaluation items or evaluation objects), n where 2 ≤ n ≤ 9.

If you use only normal Comparison Values, that is, 1,2,...,9 and 1/2,1/3,...,1/9, then Check the "ONLY INTEGR VALUES"

Size of Pairwise Comparison Matrix (n) :