Fuzzy Measure-Choquet Integral Calculation System

λ fuzzy measure and sensitivity analysis calculation software by CGI.
  1. INPUT: n(number of Evaluation Items) and m (number of Inputs)
  2. INPUT: Names of Evaluation Items
  3. CHOOSE: Weights Identification methods (Direct Input or Pairwise Comparison)
  4. INPUT: Weights
  5. CHOOSE: Interaction Degree Identification Method
  6. INPUT: Interaction Degree
  7. CHOOSE: Fuzzy Measure Identification Standard (Weights' Intention)
  8. DISPLAY: Identified Fuzzy Measure
  9. INPUT: Inputs of Choquet Integrals
  10. DISPLAY: Choquet Integrated Values
  11. INPUT: Sensitivity Analysis
  12. DISPLAY: Sensitivity Analysis (GRAPH)

© 2000-2004 Eiichiro Takahagi